Great Dino Velociraptor (1 I)

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Inner 1/Outer 24 Big dinosaur toys that are perfectly sized for little hands, the large dinosaur figures of our Great Dinos collection are a durable and economical choice for the sandbox, playground, beach, or backyard. Characteristics: Velociraptor was bipedal, with a long tail. Although the front limbs were not used in locomotion, they were large, with strong hands. Both front and hind feet had long sickle- shaped claws. It is believed that Velociraptor would grasp its prey using these claws and use its weight to immobilize the prey, and then use its jaws to finish the job. Velociraptor belongs to the group of dinosaurs that are closely related to birds. The hands and fingers are particularly bird-like in their structure, and like birds, Velociraptor had feathers on its arms. Size: 254mm x 69mm x 155mm Age: 3+

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